Laziness is a sin

Week after week I hear members talking about their laziness. Some are concerned about their laziness. Some feel that their laziness is a barrier to their godliness.

I agree with each one. The Bible calls laziness a sin. It causes us to not produce fruit and thus not glorify God. This is a sin we must overcome.

The question I am asked so often is “How do I overcome my laziness?”. I do not attempt to answer this question from a place of having overcome. But as a fellow “fighter” I would like to remind us that we must not overcome laziness with sheer determination, will power or habits. We must depend on the power of God that helps us to overcome sin in dealing with laziness. ¬†Our systems can help us to a large extent. But every system has it’s limitations. It just takes one little oversight to fall back into old habits. We’ve all been there if we have ever tried it.

While I am a big fan of systems and habits, I must admit to you that we need to depend on God’s power and trust his power alone to overcome laziness. Thus, we must pray that we overcome laziness.

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