Reaching out to visitors

One of the struggles I have is speaking with new people. I just find it so hard to be the first person to strike a conversation with a stranger or with someone who is relatively new. It takes till the other person breaks the ice for me to speak. Even after that I cannot seem to remain in a conversation that seems small talk. I just can’t do small talk. I enjoy profound conversations.

May be you are the same way. But you are not wired up exactly the way I am. You may enjoy small talk as long as you’re not the one who broke the ice.

May be you are completely different from me. You enjoy talking with strangers. But it leads nowhere when it comes to visitors in church. Because you are not sure what to do beyond small talk.

Some of you may be glad to host visitors to a meal during the week or probably even on Sunday afternoon. Some of you may be gifted in connecting a visitor to others. Some of you are gifted in discipleship.

Together, we are gifted enough to greet a visitor, make small talk, host a meal, connect them to others, disciple them or share the gospel as need be. Together we can do what most of us cannot do as an individual.

We need to recognize that we are a church – a body. If each member of this body works together we can do a lot as a body. But as long as each person is trying to be the body, we will get nowhere.

I hope we this post results in ideas of how can we each work together in CCube. Pitch in your comments and let us work together.

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