You understood that? Great! Now what?

Most of us understand that the process to growing in sanctification begins with understanding scripture.

Step 1: Understand scripture
Step 2: Grow in sanctification

You have tried hard to grow in sanctification. You have worked hard to pay attention to sermons, private Bible reading and studying, you read books, memorize scripture. You do all things that are good for growth in sanctification. Yet that desired result eludes you.

‘Step 1’ is good and necessary. But by itself it is not sufficient.

We must understand that mere understanding of scripture does not make us holy! Otherwise Paul would not have struggled with his sinfulness. He is the guy who wrote most of the New Testament that we spend a life time understanding.

That leads me to conclude that mere understanding of scripture is insufficient for reaching growth in sanctification.

Therefore there must be at least a ‘step 2’ before we grow in sanctification. What is ‘step 2’? For most of us the answer may be “I do not know…”

Believe me you. I have tried to learn the Bible. I learned a lot. But the learning did not change me. What it did was make me more unloving and arrogant. I had to stop and ask “What was missing in my process?”

That is where a ‘step 2’ seemed necessary as ‘step 1’ by itself was not producing the desired result.

Have you been there? If you have then read on…

Our problem is that we learn and learn. But very rarely do we actually put to practice what we learned. We spend most of our time cramming the data into our brains and very less time actually doing what we are commanded to do.

It would be a good point to note that Jesus said that the one who heard his word and practised it was like a wise man who built his home on the rock. The key word here is not just heard but heard and obeyed (practised).

It’s as simple as this:

Step 1: Understand scripture
Step 2: Obey what you understood
Step 3: Grow in sanctification

Now before you say “OK, I understand. Let me study the Bible and then I will start obeying everything” go back and read ‘step 2’ carefully. Obey what you understand. Do not proceed figuring out all of scripture is you are not faithful to what you already understand.

If the Holy Spirit has opened your eyes to understand a portion of scripture, do you think he did so because he wanted to show you how smart you can become or so that he wanted to help you understand what God wills for you to do?

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